About ISOC

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil , Head of ISOC  and professor emeritus at the Academy of Art in Cairo, High Institute for drama, theatre and folklore  had a dream and is going to realize it - to build and to open ISOC – The INTERNATIONAL SARAY OF ORIENTAL CULTURE, one of the biggest studio/ center  for Oriental Culture & Dances,  Folklore in the Middle East. ISOC will be a main meeting point for all dancers and friends of Oriental dance from all over the world. ISOC is ready to welcome Artistes, Dancers ( from each level),  Teachers, Choreographers  as  well as individuals as in groups, dance schools. ISOC will accompany, together with its staff on  professors and teachers, all dancers and researchers to the sources of Middle Eastern Dances and Folklore dances in ethnography, anthropology, music, costumes …

The ISOC Villa, you will  find on the top of the Moqattam hill, (near Cairo Citadell) over Cairo. In a few minutes you will be in the centre of Cairo (Khan al Khalili), in not half an hour at the airport. In ISOC you will find  a  garden for relaxation with swimming pool,  library for study, Internet access WIFI, open air cinema,  halls for dancing and performing and good places to meet friends in the field of Oriental Dance.

Prof Dr Hassan Khalil is a member of the International Dance Council CID-Unesco, the world-wide umbrella organsiation for all kind of dances. 


500 m from ISOC villa  you can book an appartement  in a consortium  complex  
or you can book a hotel in Cairo Center. Please contact us  for more info.

ISOC Team  

Prof. Hassan Khalil and his team are looking forward to welcome you in ISOC

Head of ISOC    Prof. Dr Hassan Khalil

1st Assistant of Prof Khalil     Nuriyya

Executive Members of ISOCNashwa and Nevine Khalil




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